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Edgewood aims to make children feel at home

The new premises were created by architects Botelho Wood and builders SJ Construction.
Dr Fulton said: “The Botelho’s guys have done a number of offices around the Island. Turning a house into an office is quite complex and they were very patient with the planning regulations.
“It’s very clean finishes, which adds to the look, but they also managed to keep that home from home look — they’ve done a great job.”
Botelho Wood partner Germano Botelho said colleague Jason Mackertich had taken the lead role in the redesign.
Mr Botelho added: “It basically took a lot of careful reshuffling and laying out of the spaces to make it function, especially with all the plumbing requirements for a doctors’ practice and, at the same time, give it that homey feel.
“I put it down to design and our design style has always been clean lines without all the fuss. If Dr Fulton is happy, we’re happy.”

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