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Coach Germano Botelho Takes DC U11 Team to PA Classics

Source: Island Stats

The Devonshire Colts have entered a team into the 2015 PA Classics Mid-Atlantic Cup in Pennsylvania.

President of the Devonshire Colts commented that this is the clubs first tour in four years and he is hoping this group with restart a trend of Devonshire Colts looking to compete internationally no matter what age.

Devonshire Colts will compete in the Under 11 Boys Elite 8v8 Division.

The Classics is designed to introduce young soccer players to the wonderful game of soccer in an environment that is conducive to learning, having fun and meeting new people.This program is for all boys and girls ages 4 – 8 regardless of experience.

Many of the players will tell you that football is their first love. It is also a vehicle that Devonshire Colts uses to achieve the more important life skills to be productive members of our community. Through football the boys learn how to interact, communicate and work with peers who may not have the same background or skills.

They work together as a unit in order to achieve their goal of winning each game. However, in instances when they do not win a game, they do so with dignity and good character, and respect their opponent for having a better game and ability on that day.

The team is looking forward to their trip abroad where they will have the opportunity to test their football skills and apply our club motto when competing with different opponents and traveling together. Our experience overseas also includes non-football activities to broaden their cultural awareness, help team building and strengthen them as a unit.

We would like to publically acknowledge and thank the following companies who have supported our fundraising efforts by donating to make this trip possible.

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