Hamilton Princess – Phase 3

Pembroke, Bermuda

Renovations to existing hotel rooms in the main wing, gold wing and gold wing suites. Upgrades and renovations to existing grand hall and adjacent rooms to create meeting/reception room and executive lounge. New spa and gym addition and rebuild of hotel retail areas. Extensive upgrades to the hotel’s back of house and service facilities.

Spa / Gym: New 8,050 sq ft spa/gym with nine treatment rooms, Zen lounge, manicure/pedicure centre, retail area and change rooms. The spa is designed to satisfy the requirements and expectations of a respected USA-based operator. Associated with the spa is a gym with state-of-the-art equipment set out to take advantage of spectacular pool terrace and harbour views.

Retail Mall: Full rebuild and expansion of a major interior thoroughfare in the hotel with 10,100¬¬ sq ft of retail space. There is floor to ceiling glass each side of a spacious mall.

Trudeau/Executive Lounges: Repurposing and upgrading an underutilized formerly grand hall to create an attractive and vital meeting and reception facility in the heart of the hotel. Conversion of another underutilized set of rooms into an executive lounge with buffet facilities, library and extensive outdoor terrace overlooking the marine and landscaped hotel grounds.

Room Upgrades: Main Wing / Gold Wing Rooms / Gold Wing Suites
Refurbishment of 43 rooms in the Main Wing and 87 rooms in the Gold Wing. Renovation of 11 rooms to provide flexible suite configurations. Large new balconies are constructed for these suites which enhance the accommodation and add improved structure stability for the building.

Back of House: The phased renovations include extensive upgrading of the hotel’s back of house and services facilities. In the Phase 3 scope, a new laundry is added, electrical services with redundancy are provided and the entire IT Data and Communications Centre replaced. In addition, life safety systems are progressively improved to conform to current codes and air conditioning and other mechanical and electrical systems are brought into line with standards for a luxury business and resort hotel.