Hamilton Princess – Phase 2

Pembroke, Bermuda

Renovations to existing hotel rooms, lobby bar, ball room and conference rooms, central kitchen, laundry facilities and back of house. Addition of a signature restaurant and complete redesign and lowering of central courtyard.

Gazebo Wing and Suites: Full renovation of 90 guest rooms including 9 guest suites. Complete new HVAC, electrical and IT services combined with the original high ceilings and large balconies convert this wing into high quality accommodations. Many rooms and especially the 9 suites have spectacular views.

Crown & Anchor: Multi-function hotel space serving as a lobby bar, breakfast room and casual dining area with indoor seating for 107 and outdoor seating for 44 in the hotels central courtyard. Finishes and furniture are selected to suit multiple uses. Induction heating allows a central island to serve as a hot buffet station for breakfast and a communal work desk or dining bar at other times.

Signature Restaurant: Designed for fine and fun dining with a wood burning BBQ, a display kitchen and a central bar. There is seating for 65 on a large covered balcony, and for 25 in a private dining room for a total of 186. Varied table and sitting heights allow full views out through the curved perimeter windows and over the set down balcony.

Function Rooms:
Harbour View Ballroom and Princess Rooms: Renovated and updated function rooms for a fresh, brighter look. The ballroom can accommodate upwards of 500 people. The Princess Rooms have acoustic partitions that can be quickly opened to create three separate functions rooms. The three Princess Rooms can be used for smaller meetings, accommodating 80 – 140 people each or combined for larger functions.

Conference Rooms: The Twain (24 people) and Churchill (14 people) Conference Rooms have been renovated and updated with modern décor and finishes.

Central Courtyard: A complete regarding and rebuilding of an unidentified central area to open up water views from the hotel lobby and provide easy access via grand stairs to the waterfront dock. A pavilion and long pergola provide shade and visual interest. Paved outdoor dining areas extend the hotels food and beverage facilities while gas fire pits provide intimate evening time areas.